The Journey Begins

So, I am starting to enter the next phase of my life, moving from full time employment in the MoD as a highly qualified Engineer Officer into something new, challenging, fun and exciting. Where am I going? I am not really sure, but one thing I do know is that I will keep taking pictures.

Photography is a real passion of mine and I want to make my love into a viable business. It's a risk and I may have to fall back on engineering part time to make ends meet but I don't want to get to the end, look back and say what if... life is too short.

This is the start of my journey - welcome!

As many of you know I am an accomplished (and published) blue hour photographer and I honed my skills pounding the streets of London through the night with my good friends Daniel Coyle, Martin Baker and Vipul aka P1ay - they are all avid photographers and wonderful people who I would have never have met if it wasn't for photography.

They, along with a fabulous lady called Lyn Braund ( who takes the most incredible new-born portraits; made me realise that I had to learn more about the world of photography, especially portraiture. So with their gentle prodding and after covering a few weddings, I realised what great fun photographing people can be and how rewarding it is to put together the final image(s) from a shoot. With that in mind... I decided to better myself, decided to gain professional accreditation in the form of a City and Guilds qualification (and hopefully LRPS status). I enrolled on an Advanced Studio and Wedding Photography course at First Point Photography - one of the best decisions I have made in a long time - and started to read up and look at portraiture prior to the course so that I didn't make a fool of myself when I got there. I needn't have worried. The First Point team are absolutely fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone with more than just a passing interest in photography. Sure the course is expensive, yes you have to work, and yes you have to generate a portfolio of images, self critique them, write a thesis and then be professionally critiqued (is that even a word?!) to attain the advanced qualification. I think; irrespective of whether my business grows or not, I have developed a whole new set of skills that I can take forward and use in life and on Lulu (my 2.5 year old daughter) - she will learn to love the camera (maybe)!

The course let me explore a number of different types of photography, hi-key, low-key, traditional portraiture, contemporary portraiture, natural light, on camera flash, off camera flash and of course professional studio flash. In other words, a significant learning curve but well worth the effort. Surprisingly my favourite image came from one of the 3 toddler sessions I was commissioned for - Toddler Hi-Key (aka how much fun can you have whilst trying to get workable images and not fall over laughing). I am so enthused by this type of photography and I never knew that I loved it, amazing what you find out when you go out of your comfort zone! As a result I have a fairly big shopping list (sorry Claire) so that I can make a mobile Hi-Key studio - yes I am going to be mobile! Oh and here is the image!

Anyway, that's Phase 1 of my Journey - thanks for taking the time to read - looking forward to writing the next phase in the near future!

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