Phase 2.0 of Life and becoming a Professional Photographer

Its been a busy couple of months but I am making progress towards attaining the dream! This blog continues to track my progress in becoming a professional full time photographer whilst keeping a beautiful toddler entertained, enthused with life and learning - harder than it sounds! But... I have to succeed so that I can spend more time at home taking an active part in bringing up Lucinda who is growing up way too fast!

I have started to make real progress in making a viable business, registering with Companies House as a Director of my business 'Cinnabar Services Ltd' (Cinnabar being famed for its red colour, tweaked my website to roughly match my vision, optimised the site for SEO and have just completed the second part of my City and Guilds Advanced Wedding and Studio Photography course at First Point Photography ( - I recommend this course to anyone wanting to up-their-game and really learn both studio and on-location photography. The best bit being that you get to learn and play with different types of photography in a stress free, dynamic and enthusiastic environment. Two of my newly acquired skills being Flash and Blur (great for making you sporty types look amazing!) and Daylight Synchronisation for that moody street look.

Whilst doing the academic bit (and mostly so as to avoid doing it!) I also found time to shoot a Wedding for Lauren and Christophe with my friend Lyn ( an amazing newborn photographer and generally rocking lady. Lyn and I were privileged to be able to capture this beautiful couples day at Winchester Registry Offices with their friends and family whilst having a blast to boot!

And then, to top it all off, the Searle Jr clan managed to squeeze in our annual pilgrimage to Cornwall where I got to photograph Lucinda and her cousin Sophie tearing up the beach (a free opportunity to improve my High Speed Sync photography) and then snuck in a little landscape photography too! I then went on to complete 4 separate photo-shoots for clients in;

-- deciduous woods that were just coming to life - beautiful, life is good

-- on historic roman walls where I tried not to fall down the bank

-- In a lorry(!) where I found my inner trucker!

-- On the beach and in the water

-- and in the Bluebell Woods which are still looking amazing and well worth a visit.

Each shoot provided a different challenge for me to get that perfect image and has helped my build my confidence in posing models, getting angles and processing the images to meet customer requirements. In all I think this has been the perfect April packed with family, photography and fun (despite the gales and rain in Cornwall**)!

** Doesn't look that bad to me ;)

Anyway, that's Phase 2.0 of my journey - thanks for taking the time to read - looking forward to the next update!

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