Panic?! Only 7 months to go...!

Time is flying as I continue my transition from military life

to becoming a civilian. I now only have 7 months left to get a full order book of weddings and portrait bookings to enable me to live my dream of being a full time professional photographer and continue to support my family - is it time to panic yet?! I don't know is the honest answer only time will tell. However, I am starting to get bookings for weddings in 2019 and 2020 so fingers crossed.

Despite working full time as an Engineer Officer, over the last 3 months I have managed to achieve 3 more weddings, a couple of photoshoots and have just shot a Christening with about 60 people - so basically the size of a medium wedding with no 2nd photographer (Eeek!) - learning point - always ask the size / scale of the event before quoting! Still, I loved every minute and really enjoyed the Christening despite the initial shock when I saw the church absolutely fill with people.

I also ran my first ever photographic competition in honour of Armed Forces Day - giving 3 lucky people the opportunity of a free photoshoot - I am really looking forward to these photo sessions as it enables me to give something back to people that are separated from their friends, families and loved ones for prolonged periods. Having lived that life for over 16 years, I know the toll it takes only too well. It's going to become a recurring theme so look out for the promotion a couple of weeks before Armed Forces day on my Facebook site: Andrew Searle Photography.

If I wasn't busy enough juggling the day job with my real job (photographer), I also photographed the Royal Navy Hockey Cup Finals and the Royal Navy Tennis Association's Finals - this including photographing the First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones as the VIP at the prize giving - no pressure!

I have also been spending some serious money to ensure that I have the right kit, the right protection, the right insurance and everything else that goes with becoming a professional photographer. I am now ready.... I think! All in all its been an amazing 3 months. I am learning every day and enjoying every new challenge and experience that is presented to me.

As the Autumn approaches, my next project, alongside a military wedding in October will be to get some autumnal family portraits. It's my favorite time of year and, of course, I am away with work for most of it - I have some availability in mid-October so if you fancy a portrait session let me know.

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